The Airline Pilots Forum and Resource
The Airline Pilots Forum and Resource
Airline Pilots Forum and Resource

The Airline Pilots Forum & Resource

The Airline Pilots Forum and Resource website is about airline flying. It is based on stuff that a pilot usually comes across during his career. The basic idea is to promote informal learning and to keep in touch with what one has already learnt. Apart from helping those who are starting their aviation career, sharing knowledge enhances flight safety by facilitating interaction between pilots and other aviation personnel.

This site is an endeavour to provide an environment where pilots and other members of aviation community can share their knowledge and experience. Your contribution can be a great source of help to others, apart from being your personal aviation blog which you can refer to whenever you want. Please note that the design of this site is optimized for "Google Chrome" and some features might appear differently on other browsers.

Forum & Resource

Airline Pilots Forum

  • Aviation Regulations
  • Concepts and Procedures
  • Communication, Navigation and Surveillance
  • Airfield / Area Procedures
  • Flight Safety
  • Aeromedical Issues
  • Aviation Weather
  • Crew Lounge

ATPL Forum

  • Useful Resources
  • Meteorology
  • Flight Planning
  • Principles of Flight
  • Aircraft General Knowledge
  • Human Performance
  • Aircraft Performance
  • Mass and Balance
  • General Navigation
  • Radio Navigation
  • Aircraft Instruments
  • IFR and VFR Communications
  • Air Law
  • Aircraft Operational Procedures
  • ATPL Question Help

Aircraft Forum

  • Boeing 777
  • Airbus 320
  • Airbus 310
  • Boeing 737
  • ATR 42/72
  • Fokker F27

Flight Planning


  • Aerodrome and FIR Notams
  • ICAO Location Codes
  • Abbreviations and Codes


  • Metar, TAF and Sigmet with Codes and Decodes
  • Significant Weather Prognostic Charts
  • Satellite Images
  • Wind and Temperature Data
  • ICAO Location Codes
  • ETOPS Dispatch Weather Criterion
  • Weather Links

NAT Tracks

  • North Atlantic Tracks
  • Remarks / Notams

Jeppesen Manual

  • Login Page

Quick Briefing

  • Aerodrome and FIR Notams
  • Metar and TAF
  • Significant Weather Prognostic Charts
  • Satellite Images
  • Wind and Temperature Data

Aviation Terms

  • Aviation Dictionary
  • Abbreviations and Codes
  • Aviation Terminology

Aviation Calculations

  • PCN Limited Weight
  • Flight Plan Fuel Requirement
  • ETP, Endurance & PNR


Flight Log

  • Logbook to record flight hours
  • To keep track of documents expiry dates

ATR72 Loadsheet

  • Last minute CG verification for ATR72 operated by PIA

Flight Duty Limit

  • Based on PIA Policy
  • To calculate flight duty and rest limit
  • To calculate excess duty and denied rest

Time Calculator

  • To calculate block hours


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  • For Using the Forum
  • For Receiving Newsletters

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Airline Pilots Forum and Resource